About Us

Flinders Ranges Premium Grain (FRPG) produces a high protein, sponge and dough type wheat which is used to make premium flour suitable for quality artisan style bread, gourmet laminated pastry products, and frozen dough items which can be used in the QRS (quick service restaurant) hospitality industry. This flour is also highly suitable for the production of high protein noodles and pasta style products. The market advantage for FRPG relates to the production of this ‘single origin’ high protein wheat flour within a sustainable production system. As well as producing our grain amongst our member families, we can also source this variety of wheat direct from other farming families across the southern Flinders Ranges.


Flinders Ranges Premium Grain Pty Ltd is a private company, comprising four families, three of whom are engaged in farming. As fourth and fifth generation farming families, we have been growing cereals, principally wheat, since European settlement in the Southern Flinders Ranges region of South Australia.