Frozen Dough

Research was and is conducted by TAFE Regency International School of Baking to determine the best wheat varieties and most suitable production methods for our flour in the production of frozen bakery products. After extensive testing, a range of products were produced and the freezing life assessed. A number of products developed produced excellent eating quality after an extended period of freezing.

Characteristics of our flour for frozen bakery products:

  • Long storage life – up to 16 weeks compared to the traditional 4 to 5 weeks
  • No preservatives or only low levels used to increase storage life
  • Flour used in the dough produced by the group is traceable
  • Grain is produced in a sun-drenched, naturally clean environment with low disease
  • Grain has naturally high protein and dough strength, ideal for frozen dough
  • Traditional wheat breeding methods have been used (no genetically modified material)
  • Grain grown in GM free area