Premium Grain

The unique climatic conditions and the soil of the Southern Flinders Ranges, coupled with sustainable farming practices, combine to produce exceptional quality wheat. These conditions allow us to limit the use of chemicals on the growing crop and during storage. Selection of specific high quality varieties of wheat, allow production of high protein grain. The flour produced is ideally suited to the manufacture of specialty bakery products, and the unique quality of the wheat flour produced in this area has long been recognised by flour millers and bakers as being superior. This has led us on a search to market our own product directly to the consumer.

Flinders Ranges Premium Grain Pty Ltd have adopted a quality control system, which allows us to monitor wheat production and processing to ensure that our wheat based foods are safe to eat and are produced in any environmentally friendly manner. We believe that the consumer, by dealing direct with wheat growers, can be assured of our product’s integrity.